OCD/Anxiety (social, separation, panic attacks, phobias)

What could have brought you to this page:

  • Intrusive thoughts/overthinking things
  • Spending too much of your day working on avoiding or getting rid of thoughts, emotions or physical sensations
  • Feeling your life is limited by experiences you can’t have because of your anxiety
  • Afraid of what other what might think of you/fears of rejection

How I help:

I love helping clients face their fears, helping them identify their values they want to embody and the life they envision for themselves

Helping people understand their fears and how their fears can inadvertently be perpetuated by the same actions they take to get rid of them is what we focus on. Then we explore different coping skills to start the journey of facing their fears so they can start to build the life they want. It is such a rewarding experience to talk with clients at the end of our time together and hear them say that they have surpassed their own expectations.

ADHD/Impulsivity and behavioral issues

Reasons why clients seek my help:

  • Common parenting practices are not working
  • Parents and kid are always fighting
  • Parents being afraid their kid won’t develop into the happy/healthy adult they dream for them to become
  • Difficulty navigating video games, homework and chores
  • Kid has noticeable pattern of irritable and angry outbursts

How I help:

I am passionate about parents and kids/teens healing their relationships and working together rather than against each other.

Parents are heavily involved in the therapy process to help create changes at home. I work on helping parents gain a new perspective on their kid/teen’s behavior and help parents and kids together form mutually agreed solutions to the immediate problems. As we are working on solving these immediate problems we are also working on building executive functioning skills and more independence for the kid/teen.

When working with more independent teens and adults, I work with them individually to identify how their ADHD positively and negatively impacts their life. We focus on these area of struggle finding external aids and reminders to make sure they achieving their bigger goals in life while still making room for spontaneity.